Download DIY Brainblender
Brainblender is a tool for developing ideas in a group.
From 2012
Pika Novak, Aleksandra Prole, Ivan Jelačić, Neja Bizjak, Aleksandra Tomc, Blažka Jurjavčič
Our society is ever more saturated with personal technologies, the communities as we knew them are dissolving. We are more and more alone even though technology promises unlimited connectivity between people. However in the midst of all this disconnectedness, new utopian ideas are emerging. People are trying to find alternatives for a better future. With this in mind we designed Brainblender, a tool for creating collaborative ideas for our common future.

In the past, families or communities gathered around the fireplace to tell stories and share ideas. We wanted to encourage this familiar interaction, which is why Brainblender is designed as a board game. First, players together choose one question. Then each player writes his or her idea in response to this question on an idea card and places it on the board. In the next round a dice throw decides how each player should evolve his or her idea. For example, the idea should be made more strange or horrific or architectural. This idea variation is then written on another idea card which is also placed on the board. When idea cards of different players connect, the two players have to blend their ideas and create a joint idea in response to the initial question. From this point on they have to develop ideas together. The game ends when all idea cards are connected to each other into one collaborative idea.

The game fosters teamwork and assists people to come up with unconventional solutions to conventional problems, uniting our individual ideas into a collective concept. It was developed at the Interaction Design Workshop at UMAS (Arts Academy, Split) under menthorship of Ykon group. Brainblender’s game principles and strategies can be applied in everyday life, whether we would like to change our perception of the world around us or to just transform decision making into a playful process.