Brainblender workshop at ALUO

February 21, 2019

Goal of Brainblender workshop was to define a student project related to food. Students have prepared a research beforehand. They analysed different aspects of food related problems like food waste, genetically modified food, mass production of food, food disorders. During the workshop we developed two valuable concepts, that are structurally different but both offer a quicker and more refined ideas for further development.

Their output after the workshop will be to prepare a final concept and starting with realisation.

Brainblender output


Foodchain is a game, where each player takes care of the whole food production cycle from planting, to nurturing, harvesting and eating and dumping. For each stage you would get points. Game enables collaboration on public spaces where you can connect to other players and make an exchange.

School subject: Food

Food becomes a part of regular school curriculum. Each school would organise a filed trip where pupils would learn about different cultures of food production, food processing and food consumption. Kids would learn from early years how to plant food, nurture, pick and bake, serve and social aspects of food. The course would not be limited to normal cycle of food use but also explore different art and science applications of food, from easter eggs to recycling and potato capacitor.

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